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Knifes are a rock band that first made waves last year after launching as a vehicle to showcase the creative output of a trio of roadies who’d spent time working for Slipknot, Deftones, Guns N’ Roses and Linkin Park, among others. Now, Knifes are back with new material, plus a bunch of helpful advice for aspiring road dogs.

This month, in addition to sharing the tune “Scammers” — it’s taken from the act’s upcoming second EP of original rockers, Regression to the Mean — the group’s Ben Young (guitar/vocals), Brian Diaz (bass) and Warren Johnson (drums) share 13 of the things they’ve learned while working as roadies for touring artists.

“Serial killers, cocaine and car crashes,” Young says of subject matter inhabiting Regression to the Mean. “These are the themes that found their way onto Knifes’ second EP. … It is a feral house cat pretending to play nice so it can come indoors. Don’t let your guard down.”

“We were supposed to be onstage tuning guitars with Green Day, Fall Out Boy and Weezer last summer,” Diaz adds of the circumstances surrounding the EP’s creation. “But then we suddenly found ourselves with extra time on our hands to finish these songs.”

Below, check out the things that Knifes have learned as roadies, right underneath the lyric video for “Scammers” and the artwork and tracklisting for the new EP, which comes out June 11.

Knifes, “Scammers”

Knifes, Regression to the Mean EP Art + Tracklist