8 Of The Best Products Invented in Music History – Music Mayhem Magazine

From the time the musical instruments were primitive up until today, the history of music and music-making technology were entwined.

Today, you rarely wonder what instruments were used to create the background music at a store. However, a few decades ago, every new album or the slightest music tech innovation was considered monumentous.

It’s difficult to say that one innovation is more important than another, especially when technology is developing so rapidly. There are products we can’t imagine music being created without. For instance, what if the microphone or electric guitar wasn’t invented yet? There are certain innovations that deserve recognition based on their impact on the industry and how they paved the way for where music is today.

The microphone

The first versions of the modern microphone appeared in 1860 created by Thomas Edison and Emile Berliner in the US and David Edward Hughes in England. It took 17 years to create the first documented microphone that was capable of transmitting sound. It was made of carbon and got its name as a device that used carbon granules behind a metal plate – the diaphragm. The carbon mic was used for nearly a century in phones all over the world. This led to the development of the microphone in the music industry. It became an ultra-sensitive instrument that captured the subtlest nuance of voice. Without it, the loudest musicians always won during any live performance. Now, microphones can be placed around a stage to pick up any whisper or sound, and