A second life for musical instruments – Music Reads – ABC News

It’s the moment you never forget.

Your normally miracle-working repairer has given a rueful shake of the head and pronounced that there’s no more they can do. The local stop-at-nothing music charity has politely declined your donation. Now, you have to face the truth.

After all those years together filled with love, joy, hope, triumph and sometimes frustration, your beloved musical instrument isn’t going to make it.

Don’t despair though, because as ABC Classic audiences have demonstrated, retired musical instruments have a rare capacity for reinvention.


Just look at the shape of pianos, organs, harmoniums and similar keyboard instruments and let your imagination run wild. Of course, your family heirloom could become a desk, a drinks cabinet, a bookshelf, a wall unit, or even a fold-out child’s bed.

  • “I recently donated our old piano to our local Woodworkers Guild. It was an