Black History: D. Morton an The Gifted – WJTV

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – From Rock and Roll artists like Elvis Presley to Blues artist like B. B. King and even hip-hop artist like David Banner and Soulja Boy, Mississippi artists are making milestones across multiple genres and setting trends for future artists.

Lead singer of D. Morton and The Gifted, a two-time stellar nominated gospel quartet, praised Mississippi artist for influencing his sound.

D’Angelo Morton said, “It opened my mind to another type of music, another sound. Me being from Jersey coming here, that’s two different sounds, and then having ties in Mississippi. My music director Kylen Thomas is from Mississippi, so it’s like basically that Tennessee meets Mississippi collab, and it definitely changes the whole vibe of what we do. So we can go here and be just as southern as South Carolina and as Bluesy as Mississippi but still singing Gospel.”

Morton recognized his musical talent at a young age, even writing his first song at the age of ten. 

“My whole family is music oriented. From my brothers to my mom to my grandparents, music was just life. I think the first time my mom realized I could sing was in kindergarten,” he said.

Morton received his first stellar nomination while working as a law enforcement officer during his time in new jersey.

“I worked at a psych ward in Jersey, New Jersey Developmental Center, but I still did music. I still did it. It was just something that I couldn’t get away from. I just didn’t have my