Charvel MJ Dinky HSH Mahogany review: modern rock’s new go-to guitar –

While now built primarily in Mexico and the USA, back in the late 1980s Charvel guitars were manufactured exclusively in Japan. Japanese rock guitars from the golden era age of shred are eulogised by a certain breed of player and Charvel’s new MJ series – which also comprises signature models for Guthrie Govan and YouTuber Rick Graham – harks back to those heady days while showcasing the evolution of rock guitar.

Thankfully there’s no pointy headstock here, but the MJ’s huge jumbo frets bring back memories of those shred guitars from the days before grunge’s meteor strike spelled the end for the hair-metal megafauna. Unusually for Charvel, the neck is made of wenge and it has a hand-rubbed oil finish and slim C-carve similar to the Guthrie Govan model. Also notable is the neck’s graphite reinforcement that helps to keep the neck straight and stable whatever the climate – though should it need a tweak, an adjustment wheel is located at the bottom of the fretboard for easy access.

Charvel MJ DK24


Back in the day, on a guitar such as this a Floyd Rose vibrato would have been standard-issue, but these days a Floyd is no longer a must-have appointment. Whammy bar addicts fear not – the much-vaunted stability and subtle response of our review guitar’s Gotoh locking tuners