Cheap Guitar Rigs (2021 Review) – American Songwriter

Guitars are built to sound good and play loud. Whether you’re a professional performing musician or an enthusiast looking to upgrade your station, a quality guitar rig is a must. If you want to bring your playing to the next level, picking the right guitar will make all the difference. Your rig should have the features you need to play and perform like a pro. The best guitar rigs feature the best materials, the most comfortable positions, and the highest quality construction. But first, you have to decide on which type of guitar rig is best. Our handy buying guide can help you navigate this buying decision.


Pick a quality guitar rig. As the name suggests, a guitar gig bag is intended for guitar, not bass. Basses are generally too different to effectively use a guitar rig. A quality rig will be a lot more durable, so you can go for weeks or months without needing to repair your gear. If you’re serious about playing guitar or want to be serious, you should invest in an instrument rig that will last you a long time.You should always have at least one gig case, especially if you intend to travel with your rig for shows. You’ll be jumping around a lot on stage, and you want a guitar rig that can hold up to all that movement.


Before you get started on your quest for a new guitar rig, you’ll need to decide what type of guitar you want to buy.