From celestial pop to sleazy neo-blues: here are this week’s essential guitar tracks – Guitar World

As we hurdle toward the year mark of this pandemic, you’d find yourself in plentiful company if you’re feeling more than a little worn-out – a bit lethargic perhaps.

We’ll leave the outright cures to the scientists, (we are just guitar geeks after all) but what we can bring you are bits of guitar-heavy ear candy we’ve discovered in our digital travels that hopefully can brighten up your day a peg or two. 

On tap this week: a dense, anthemic examination of weighty themes from Manchester Orchestra, some celestial pop from Cherry Glazerr, a hard-hitting riff-fest from Gojira, a scrappy but endearing return to form from arena-rockers Kings of Leon, and much more.

We all know that feeling of raw excitement and joy you get when you hear a new piece of music that captures your imagination. So plug in – something that gives you that very feeling may just await.

Manchester Orchestra – Bed Head

One of indie-rock’s most visceral and essential bands are set to return in 2021 with sixth album The Million Masks of God, written around the longform narrative of a man’s encounter with the angel of death. Yes, the concept album is not dead in 2021!

The record is spearheaded by Bed Head, an especially anthemic take on the Andy Hull and Robert McDowell folk-meets-alt-rock songwriting formula. Dense layers of chiming guitars and spectral synths serve to underline the sheer scale of the Georgia four-piece’s ambition – and it’s testament