Gene Simmons is planning a double-necked guitar/bass combo with Gibson –

Gene Simmons has revealed that, as part of his G2 brand of bass guitars made in collaboration with Gibson, there are plans for a double-necked instrument with both guitar and bass necks.

The Kiss bassist and singer was asked by Bass Player Magazine, about the plans for the G2 line beyond the current offerings. He revealed that: “By the time we’re through, there will be a Flying V, and there’s even going to be a double-neck guitar and bass. That is probably going to be a very big item.”

It’s unclear whether Simmons meant “big” in the sense of sales or in the sense of literal size. However, given the requirements of a double-necked bass/guitar, the latter is perhaps taken for granted. Other notable takes on the guitar/bass combo instrument include the Eastwood 4/6, the Danelectro DB604 and, perhaps the most recognisable, the Rickenbacker 4080, made famous by Geddy Lee of Rush.


Simmons said that the proposed G2 take on the instrument will be “cool as hell and I’m going to make sure I get the first one. This is a big commitment on both sides, and it’s going to be called G2 – G to the power of 2. I have to say I’m pretty creative. I come up with a lot of my own stuff, but it was Cesar [Guiekian, Gibson Brand President] who came up with the name.”

Gene’s talk with Bass Player magazine didn’t reveal many specifications about the