Gibson’s partnership with Universal Music China: what it means for the guitar giant – Happy

Gibson has had a rocky recent past, to say the least. But a new business venture could see that change rapidly thanks to China’s music industry.

Guitar manufacturing titan Gibson has announced that they are partnering with UMPG (Universal Music Publishing Group) in China and Hong Kong. This arrangement will see Gibson offering ‘tailor-made support’ for songwriters, producers, and artists in China.

Gibson’s contributions to the partnership begin this year with support for UMPG’s songwriting and artist camps. Furthermore, Gibson has outfitted UMP China’s recording studios in Beijing and Shanghai and will work closely with UMP China with social media marketing, by hosting regional and national joint promotional campaigns for China-based artists.

Gibson Artists in China
UMPG China Managing Director Joe Wang and Gibson China Sales Director Wells Wang congratulate songwriting camp winners

Both Gibson and UMPG have declared a joint goal of serving and growing the music community, by seeking opportunities with major content companies such as Tencent, TikTok, and Bilibili and promoting the charitable work of various artists to the global community.