Joe Strummer Receives The Royal Treatment From Fender With Two New Guitar Models – American Songwriter

Fender commemorates Joe Strummer’s legacy with two new wildly different guitars announced today- a Custom Shop Esquire electric and a Campfire acoustic/electric. There’s also a brand-new range of Strummer-inspired playing accessories from Fender available, including a replica of his favorite guitar strap.

The late Clash guitarist’s legacy as a punk guitar pioneer has only grown since his sudden passing in 2002. A new CD compilation, Assembly, focuses on Strummer’s solo career, with live version of Clash classics performed with his band The Mescaleros, acoustic demos and more. The partnership with Fender highlights Strummer’s love for the guitar.

 “Joe’s Fender guitars were a huge part of his life and, of course, his music,” Lucinda Tait, the guitarist’s widow, said in a statement. “Now feels the right time to collaborate with Fender on these commemorative guitars, as we take a moment to reflect on everything Joe and his music achieved. Joe would be immensely proud of them, and excited to hear what they can do in the hands of music lovers around the world.”

The words Campfire acoustic guitar and Joe Strummer might not seem like they fit together, but in fact there is a deep history. Strummer held acoustic campfires every