June Highlights Diverse Musical Offerings, Innovative Legends, Record Store Day – The SandPaper

JOY OF JAM: (From left) Chris Fritz, Ty Mares and Tommy Allen Jr. enjoy a late-night jam at the Sea Shell Tikibar. (Photo by Monique M. Demopoulos)

After 16 months of building tensions with little opportunity for release, emerging from pandemic prohibition was like riding a social wave through the floodgates. Music and laughter can be heard from every direction. Last week, someone wrote a letter to the SandPaper editor, aptly describing this era as the “Roaring ’20s.”

Considering the original Roaring ’20s immediately followed the pandemic of its century – the Spanish flu – there may just be something to that.

There is something to be said for human nature’s ability to survive a period rife with disease, fear and isolation, and then exuberantly rebound, without hesitation, into a decade’s worth of spirited social festivity. Perhaps appropriately, the summer itself is coming on in a slow, smoldering crawl, with moderate temps and just the right amount of weather to keep things mellow.

Something for Everyone

All weekend long, the bass was bumping on and off the Island, between everybody’s favorite party bands dishing out nostalgic hits spanning the last half century, and late-night DJs spinning signature dance mixes