Langejans Guitars – Acoustic Guitar

From the April 2006 issue of Acoustic Guitar | By Teja Gerken

[Editor’s Note: Two Langejans guitars are offered in the May 21, 2021 Acoustic Guitar Auction. For those unfamiliar with the Langejans brand, which ceased operation in 2013, we are republishing this article.]

Drawing on three decades of experience building guitars for stars and students, Del Langejans’ small outfit near Lake Michigan has developed a signature sound by using thick, rigid sides and rosewood necks.

Having honed his craft for more than three decades, luthier Del Langejans has a long-standing reputation for his steel- and nylon-string guitars, as well as such unusual custom-made creations as the harp guitar he designed for Muriel Anderson and the double-neck Dualette he built for Thom Bresh. Langejans got his start in the musical-instrument business as an electronics repair technician in the late 1960s and soon broadened his services to include guitar repairs. In 1970, he bought a music store, named it Del’s Guitar Gallery, and became a dealer for Gibson, Guild, Martin, and others. Like many luthiers of his generation, Langejans built his first guitar after reading Irving Sloane’s Classic Guitar Construction. “I said, ‘Hey, this is fun. I like this,’” he recalls 35 years later. In the ensuing 15 years, Langejans was busy: “I built about 500 guitars, and most of them sold for under $500. They were good, strong guitars, and that got me going—it got my name around.”


Eventually, running a retail shop and building instruments