MADMEN & SINNERS Mastermind TIM DONAHUE’s Signature NightMoon Guitar Now Available In White Finish –

MADMEN & SINNERS Mastermind TIM DONAHUE's Signature NightMoon Guitar Now Available In White Finish

Fretless / harp guitarist Tim Donahue – who released the self-titled Madmen & Sinners album with Dream Theater’s James LaBrie in 2004 – recently launched his new signature Nightmoon guitar. Originally available only in a black finish, Donahue recently announced there would be a white finish model. He has checked in with the following update:

“I’m happy to announce a new model from NightMoon Guitars, the WhiteMoon is finally available! WhiteMoon is different from the original NightMoon, with a Les Paul contour neck, truss rod adjustment at the body, a different custom pickup made for this model, and a built-in TC Electronic tuner which is so cool. Players can now choose between a super-wide fingerboard or a standard Gibson width, fretted or fretless.

The WhiteMoon sustain is just as ridiculous as the NightMoon, but with a smoother edge in tone thanks to the new custom humbucker. The case is also new, with a storage compartment that spans the full width of the case. A semi-hard case is also available for players on the go.

Look for a promo video soon, and be sure to visit the NightMoon website for order inquiries here.”

The video below shows Donahue plugging in and playing the guitar, which is available to order now, for the first time.