Muse’s Matt Bellamy Gifts Nandi Bushell With Signature Guitar – Loudwire

There’s nothing cooler than opening presents when you’re a kid and YouTube sensation Nandi Bushell was beyond jubilant after receiving a gift from Muse‘s Matt Bellamy, who showed his love for her Muse covers by sending her one of his signature guitars.

In the video below, the excitable young prodigy first displays a postcard that came with the package featuring the Muse singer on one side with a note on the other. “Hi Nandi, love the new covers. Thought you might like to perform some on my signature model. Best wishes from Matt and the guitar team,” wrote Bellamy.

The 10-year-old then opened the box and unwrapped Bellamy’s Manson MBM‑1 guitar, responding with a gleeful, “That is epic!” “Thank you, thank you, thank you Matt Bellamy for giving me your signature guitar,” wrote Nandi in the description for the video. “I love Muse and hope to jam with you, Dom and Chris one day too.”

Nandi Bushell Receives Signature Guitar From Muse’s Matt Bellamy

Bushell has covered Muse three times on her video channel, most recently playing drums, bass and guitar to rock out a cover of “Plug In, Baby,” which she reminds us was released when she was “-10.”

“This was one of my most challenging covers so far. The guitar and bass are so fast I really had to practice a lot to get my playing up to speed. Everything you hear is me. No backing tracks. I recorded each track using Logic Pro,” stated