New Music Reviews: Ozuna and Ovi, Arca, JOP, Urias, Niña Dioz – Remezcla

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Arca – “Yo Sí (Alma)”

The MUTANTS1000000 community, formed during quarantine by Arca stans, released the fourth installment of their ongoing compilation series to benefit POC, queer, and trans lives. Included in the 40-track volume, MUTANTS 4: LOVE, is Arca’s new track “Yo Sí (Alma),” a delicate, heartwarming piece that flows like a stream-of-consciousness exercise. She sings in a pitched-up voice about having faith in each other in times of uncertainty, and it has us weeping already. —Cheky

Ozuna, Ovi – “Envidioso”

This is Ozuna’s best in months. Right in time for topdown weather, the Puerto Rican reggaetónero taps Rancho Humilde’s rising star for a braggadocious summer anthem. The harder, trap approach comes naturally to the Cuban corridor tumbados artist and suits the Puerto Rican vet nicely here, while the cold visuals lend a hand to fans with a lazy TikTok dance smoothly thrown in. Cheers to having fun whilst flipping off the