Reverend Six Gun HPP: The Premier Guitar Review – Premier Guitar

The silhouette of the new Six Gun HPP is, at this point, a familiar shape—and arguably a classic. It’s the foundation for many different Reverend models and clearly a versatile platform for evolution and experimentation. The updated pickup configuration and other new features of Reverend’s offset workhorse make the $1,099 Korea-built Six Gun an impressive performer for the price.

Horse P-Power

If you haven’t yet decoded the Six Gun’s handle, the HPP stands for humbucker/P-90/P-90. The pickups are designed by Reverend. An alnico 5 HA5 humbucker (wound with 43 AWG wire) registers DC resistance readings of 12.65k ohms, while each of the alnico 5 9A5 P-90s register 7.48k ohms. They’re all routed through a master volume control with a treble-bleed network, a tone control, and Reverend’s useful passive bass contour, which rolls off low end. A 5-way selector switch opens up the possibility of combined bridge/middle and middle/neck pickup combos.