Strandberg reveals new Plini and Per Nilsson signature models – Mixdown

Words by Will Brewster

Where’s your head at?

With each and every product launch, Strandberg solidify their status as one of the most forward-thinking companies going in the musical instrument sector today. Their latest run of models – a pair of signature guitars for Australian shred-lord Plini and his Swedish counterpart – looks to continue this run, fusing abstract designs with unparalleled playability and tonal versatility.


  • Strandberg have launched a new neck-thru Boden for Sydney instrumentalist Plini, opting for a high-end construction with local tonewoods.
  • The company have also shared details of the new Singularity True Temperament, designed for Scar Symmetry / Kaipa guitarist Per Nilsson.
  • Orders for both models can be placed ow via Strandberg’s website.

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Strandberg Boden Plini Edition Neck-Thru

It goes without saying that Plini and Strandberg essentially go hand in hand with one another. Both parties are synonymous with each other and possess an incredibly fruitful working relationship, which is epitomised by the launch of the brand’s new Neck-Thru edition of the popular Boden Plini Edition.

As opposed to the previously released bolt-on model, the Boden Plini Neck-Thru version features a five-ply carbon fibre reinforced roasted maple neck, which runs deep into the body of the guitar. 24 angled frets adorn the guitar’s ebony fretboard, while a lone Plini Moon inlay resides at the 12th fret for a minimalist aesthetic.

The guitar also features a chambered swamp ash body for weight relief and resonance,