Todd Elementary Students Prepare to Select Musical Instruments for the Fall – River Journal Staff

It’s beginning to look a lot like…well, normal. Todd third and fourth graders are preparing to begin playing instruments at the school this fall and soon we will hear the sounds of flutes, cellos and saxophones coming from the music room. After a year of no instrument lessons, the school is getting ready to have students playing again and this week they have been learning about the different types of instruments they will be able to select.

The classes have been exploring the strings, woodwind and brass instruments in different groups. One group was in the school lobby, learning all about string instruments – violin, viola and cello, while the other cohort was outdoors, trying out woodwinds and brass instruments such as flute, clarinet, trombone and trumpet. Students also each had a sheet of paper where they could circle which instruments they liked and which they did not like as much.

Recently, students in Christina Hurley’s fourth grade class, who did not have the chance to play instruments this year, had the opportunity to have a deeper look at their music options and they all seemed eager to learn about them. They asked all types of questions, such as “is playing the violin similar to playing a guitar?”

“Out of all the string instruments, the guitar is closest to cello,” music teacher Nicole Pearson explained.

After playing short samples for the students using the string instruments, she showed the students how to hold the violin and