Vivek Venugopal’s latest album Reveries, Op. 7: Notes of contemplation – The Hindu

Composer Vivek Venugopal discusses why it is the musician and not the composer who adds flavour and life to a piece of music

Hyderabad-based music composer-producer Vivek Venugopal’s seventh album Reveries, Op. 7 featuring Shantanu Patel (piano), Tomasz Pajak (violin) and Tatiana Kritskaya (cello) is a set of five pieces spanning a spectrum of contemplative moods.

“The pieces put me in a dreamy, contemplative but lucid kind of state,” Vivek says. ‘An Affective Crossroad’ is about “contemplating the consequences of a choice that lies in front of us”; but his favourite is ‘Serendipity’ which “alternates between tense and jovial atmosphere” to depict how things tend to fall in place in life in strange ways.

Vivek Venugopal, Shantanu Patel, Tomasz Pajak and Tatiana Kritskaya

Vivek Venugopal, Shantanu Patel, Tomasz Pajak and Tatiana Kritskaya  
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Vivek ( recorded two music albums including Reveries, Op. 7 in January 2020 but was compelled to postpone the release due to the pandemic. However, he did not stop creating, and is now working on his 13th album. “Earlier I had a nice balance of recording an album while composing new tunes for a next project but now the the mismatch is a bit too much. One wants music to come to life; it is almost meaningless if