Watch Jack White Demo The Third Man Triplegraph Guitar Pedal In New Video – American Songwriter

Jack White is meticulous about crafting his guitar sound and his latest collaboration with CopperSound Pedals- the new Third Man Triplegraph digital pedal- is available now in a standard edition plus a limited edition of 100 units.

White tested prototypes of the pedal for four years while on tour and recording with The Raconteurs. What does it do? Well, essentially it either lowers or raises the guitar note you hit up or down one octave. Pressing the left key takes it down while hitting the right key brings it up one octave. The middle key activates a killswitch or auxiliary loop. A high-power DSP Blackfin Processor and three proprietary Morse-code telegraph keys do the work behind the scenes.

CopperSound Pedals Third Man Triplegraph guitar pedal designed with Jack White; Standard edition in black and limited edition in yellow

But oh there’s so much more you can get out of the pedal, as you might expect from a guitar tinkerer like Jack White. It’s best heard and not just described in words. Watch him give the pedal a run-through in the video below, accompanied by rock-solid players Carla Azar on drums and Dominic John Davis on bass: