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Western music played with gugak instruments

There are basically twelve musical notes in Korean traditional music as there are in western music. The number of notes may match, however, the pitch of each note does not. Moreover, Korean music employs some playing techniques not often seen in western music, such as nonghyeon농현 or yoseong요성. These techniques are similar to vibrato in western music in that a player waggles the strings of a string instrument or jiggles a wind instrument itself to produce vibrating sounds. However, the range of vibration produced by Korean instruments is so much wider than the vibration created by western music that sometimes the sound oscillates between two keys. Consequently, it is not easy to play Korean traditional music with western instruments and vice versa. However, traditional instruments have been modified in recent years to produce more diverse sounds to play western music pieces with traditional instruments. The first piece for today’s Sounds of Korea episode is “New York, New York” performed by Dasrum다스름, a gugak chamber orchestra composed entirely of female musicians. It is a long-standing musical group established back in 1990 that has earned high reputation through many overseas concerts. The orchestra played western songs and music pieces with Korean instruments to win rave reactions from foreign audiences. Let’s listen to the gugak version of “New York, New York.”

New York, New York/ Performed by